Friday, 17 June 2016

Mosaic love art DIY

Hey there,
Long time no see, I was very busy working on school since I am almost done for the year. This is one of the projects I did for school and I had a lot of compliments on it. Since I havent found anything alike with vinyl too I tought i'd share the proces with you. I don't have every step in picture but will try to walk you through everystep and respond to your questions a.s.a.p. 

You will need:

  1. A frame to work in, I made mine myself ( it is 1m by 70cm ) but you can use a regular picture frame too.
  2. A hot glue gun
  3. an exacto knife
  4. metal ruler
  5. Bucket hot water ( to soak the dvd's in to make them easier to cut)
  6. I used about 50 dvd's ( cd's are fine too but mine did not have the same purple glow as the dvd's wich I wanted for this project but you can do this with cd's too) 
  7. Some old vinyl records, I used 3 
  8. a old casette tape
  9. A cutting mat to prevent you from cutting your desk.
  10. and some strong scissors, I used the strong kitchen scissor from home.

Step 1

Take your records and decide how big you would like your pieces. I made mine pizza shaped but i also made some random shapes to fill in the blanks later on. I have tried working with a electric saw but the records started to chipp and break and it didn't look pretty. The best way was to cut them by hand. You take your ruler and carefully make a slid in the record, if you are doing this right you should see the cutting line appear on the back of your record. At this point I was able to snap them carefully and if you do this right there will be no chips or ruff edges but a clean cut. You repeat this step untill all the records are cut in your desired shapes.

Step 2

Take your bucket, pour in the boiling water and add some dvd's and let them soak for a minute. After you let them soak start taking one dvd out carefully. Cut it in several random pieces until you are out of dvd and repeat this process untill you have enough.

Step 3

Start positioning your pieces on your frame, just take your time with this and make sure you are happy with the way it looks because you are going to work on from here. I like to put much of the records randomly spreak throughout the canvas and work my way around it with the dvd's. 

Step 4

Take your glue gun and start glueing pieces down, I found it easiest starting to fill it in from a corner and work my way out. This is a long process but you will get there. 


Be carefull putting the hot glue on your records as I found that thin records started to bubble once applied. It helped me to put it on quickly and spread it out good as putting it on, like shove it a little bit. If you do this be sure not to put glue right on the edges as it might smear.

Step 5

For the last part you are going to add the casette. For that I just pulled out the tape of the casette and cut it in strings. I made a pattern and just glued the strings in this crossed pattern on the back of the canvas. * It doesn't take much glue but you need to do this tight and make sure it dries before you let go of the string because sometimes it will be stuck to your finger and you will smear out the glue

And if you did this right you should end up with something looking like this:

amazing right? I already promised my bestie I would make one with her so if you need any more info just let me know. I could record it if people would like me to.

anyways it is late so I am out and will be back soon with another diy


Saturday, 17 October 2015

Saturday ''morning''

Now that's what I call breakfast! I went night fishing with Marco (my boyfriend) last night and weren't home untill 4 am so I woke up really late today. It felt like a early monday morning before school when I woke up so I decided to make some yoghurt for breakfast. Then I added some granola with chocolate strips in it, then I added some crunched up pieces of white chocolate because I love white chocolate! And I sliced a banana in little pieces topped off with a little bit of caramel custardto sweeten the yoghurt. I tell you, this was finger licking good so sorry for the crappy picture but I couldn't wait to eat it.. But I will definitly eat this more often, probably monday mornings since this is a 5 steps recipe.

I've used :

2. GRANOLA with chocolate

I loved the combination of the banana and caramel custard with the yoghurt!
What is your favorite saturday morning breakfast?
And don't forget to let me know what you think about this recipe 
and tag me on instagram if you try it!

x Kaya

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Hey girls,

So out here it is getting really cold already and i've noticed that pretty much everyone around me is getting sick. So I wanted to pay some extra attention to eating more fruits and found a great & easy smoothie recipe that I wanted to share with you. You just need 4 ingredients, a blender and a couple of minutes to make this and you will definitly love it!
'' Getting all your nutrition each day can be tough.''
'' Not with this healthy smoothie recipe! ''

You can customize the recipe to suit your tastes, 
and making them takes only minutes. 

With only a handfull of ingredients
you can give yourself a powerful nutritional boost.
& a delicious drink.

Please let me know if you try this recipe, 
or if have your own smoothie recipe send yours below in the comment section. I love making smoothies, it takes a little of time for such a good and healthy drink.


Monday, 12 October 2015

Lifestory & NOTD

Hey there!

Long time no see!

The past couple of days it felt like a roller coaster ride since I have been very busy with school/homework, work and the spare time I have I try to spend with my closest friends and my boyfriend. For instance I went to Amsterdam to the RAI exposition and convention centre with school last week and were so inspired by all the interior looks I saw there. Here are some of those interiors:


Also the day after I went shopping with my classmate in the city in Rotterdam to buy some nice room decor since I saw some cool idea's the day before. Yet I came home with some other goods like this nailpolish from Revlon (See NOTD photo) also I got some incense sticks; 1 packege of Maha Saraswati wich smells lovely and 1 packege watermelon because I love watermelon!

Last week I got allooot of comments about my homemade planner, i've been planning with this for 3/4 months now and it really has helped me to schedule all my appointments and keeping track of my to do lists in these busy months. So last week a classmate noticed my planner and she loved it, asked me how I did this and was really exited about this so I decided i'd make a DIY post about the planner a.s.a.p. for her and you guys! For now, I have to go back to homework, but first a cup of tea <3
Hopefully see you soon!


Saturday, 19 September 2015

Haul sneakpeek and NOTD

Hey guys,

Do you know that feeling? When your days don't contain enough hours to do everything you need/want to do... Yes, been feeling that one very often lately.. But last friday I had some time to relax a bit and went shopping with my friend Cindy because I wanted to check out some lipsticks. When we went to the store for the lipsticks they were all sold out already so that was a bummer.. Eventually we went to my place with  big smile's on our faces, and loads of goods. 

I already uploaded a notd with one of the new polishes on instagram but I havent got the time to blog/swatch every make up item since I have loads of schoolprojects, i'm currently restyling my room and Marco my boyfriends also likes attention once a while hihi.. 

Well here are the notd's that I did with the 3 new polishes.

The first look I did with the Maybelline super stay gel nail color : Aqua Daze 863
It says it lasts 7 days, its on for day 3 now still looking flawless wich I am definitly very exited about. In my opinion it dries very quickly it's a 1 coater and thanks to the wide angled brush it coats in 3 strokes. Finishing my ''nail design'' coating my ring finger with my new China Glaze crackle glaze in: 980 Black Mesh. Wich I at first really needed to practice because i´ve never owned a crackle polish before and I tended up to ruin it. I tried a diffrent base colour in look 2 on Kim using a white colour instead of the aqua daze from Maybelline.

Whatever colour you take or design you make, seal it with your favorite topcoat!

Thats it for me today since i´m still very tired and have to go to work tomorrow.
Let me know wich look you love the most!
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Sunday, 13 September 2015

Cute Bordeaux leopard nail art

Hey ladies,

Here is a new nailart look I did on my brothers girlfriend Joanne! 

Such a lovely yet simple look, we sure had loads of laughs in between because of my weird pokerfaces hahaha. Soon I will put up a tutorial for you guys, I am planning on making a tutorial for 3 simple 10 min nail-looks. It will shock you how easy it is. For now, back to what i've created today, Bordeaux leopardprint! Started off with a base coat, then 2 good layers of white. Then you just take a toothpick or your smallets dotting tool and start making sloppy o or c shaped figures with the colour you prefer. Tip: Fill up the edges of your nails to give it a little extra and it will also make it easier to fill in the nails with your shapes and determine how big/little the pattern is going to be. ** Don't forget 1/2 good coats of topcoat to make it last for days!