Sunday, 13 September 2015

Cute Bordeaux leopard nail art

Hey ladies,

Here is a new nailart look I did on my brothers girlfriend Joanne! 

Such a lovely yet simple look, we sure had loads of laughs in between because of my weird pokerfaces hahaha. Soon I will put up a tutorial for you guys, I am planning on making a tutorial for 3 simple 10 min nail-looks. It will shock you how easy it is. For now, back to what i've created today, Bordeaux leopardprint! Started off with a base coat, then 2 good layers of white. Then you just take a toothpick or your smallets dotting tool and start making sloppy o or c shaped figures with the colour you prefer. Tip: Fill up the edges of your nails to give it a little extra and it will also make it easier to fill in the nails with your shapes and determine how big/little the pattern is going to be. ** Don't forget 1/2 good coats of topcoat to make it last for days! 


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